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Daddy Gear Review: Recordable Storybook

Recordable Books for ChildrenGrandma just sent two of these cool recordable books for our boy’s 3rd birthday. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and All the Ways I Love You. They feature your voice reading a story to your child or grandchild when you can’t be there in person.  Both are very Hallmark in content, more mushy than adventurous. I’m not sure if their other titles have more bite. Still, our boys loved hearing Grandma Sandy, who lives a thousand miles away, reading them a book. It has simple two-button recording action, one to start, the other to stop, with as much time as you want to improvise. Each page is a separate recording that can be re-recorded if needed. Ideas from Hallmark include recording yourself reading a bedtime story when you’re away on business, out for the evening or any time you can’t be there in person. Also a great idea for a military spouse to record before going overseas.  We planned to show them only one at a time, but Grandma Sandy ended up reading both books the first night. Overall, I believe the boys would give these recordable storybooks two thumb sucks up.

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